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What is an electric bike?

Electric bikes make going farther, faster easier and more fun than ever before! Most e-bikes we offer are "pedal-assist" bikes- this means you only receive assistance from the electric motor while pedaling. You control the amount of assist allowing you to regulate your workout and enjoy your ride! We offer a variety of styles of e-bikes from mountain to road and everything in between.  

The latest generation of e-bikes feature lightweight, removable, rechargeable batteries, making them easy, practical, and fun to ride in a variety of settings. Our electric bikes offer different assist modes from eco to turbo, and can travel between 20-100 miles on a single charge based on power mode, terrain, and riding conditions. A depleted battery can be charged in 3-5 hours using a standard wall outlet. Electric bikes are generally allowed most places you would ride a bike, regulations vary so check the rules in your area before riding.



Electric assist bikes are getting more people out and riding more often. From making your daily commute more practical to being able to keep up with your fellow riders, electric bikes make riding easier- every mile of the way.

What makes an eBike so easy to pedal?

  1. Drive unit- commonly located in a wheel hub or mid-drive unit powered by the crank arms. Drive units are the "motor" that produce different levels of output depending on their wattage. Good eBike drive units make it easy for you to cruise up to 20-28mph!
  2. Battery- easily recharged and can last anywhere from 20-100 miles on a single charge! Most batteries recharge in about 4 hours!
  3. On-Board Computer- allows YOU to see how fast you are going, and control how much assist and boost you want.

Where can i Ride?

Under current legislation eBikes are classified as “motor bicycles,” and are regulated just like bicycles- as long as the bicycle’s motor has a maximum power output of 750w, has pedals that propel the bike with human power and the bike doesn’t exceed 20mph.

There are different classifications of eBikes that have different rules based on their abilities, and output. Most of the eBikes that we carry are type 1 and 3 bikes that are allowed on bike paths, bike lanes, and can be ridden on your favorite bike routes! Local jurisdictions may have different rules, so please follow any posted signs and regulations.

Each state has their own interpretations, and the most up to date legislation can be found on the People For Bikes website.

Is aN ebike right for me?

we believe that ebikes are great for everyone.


ride more!

Electric bikes make it easier to ride; therefore, you will want to ride more often. From short jaunts, to longer rides, its amazing how many trips by bike you will want to take.


Keep uP!

Whether you are recovering from injury, or just want to keep up, eBikes are the ultimate equalizers. With the ability to easily cruise at 20mph, you'll be able to ride with the best of them.

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Commute to work!

Electric bikes slash your daily commute time down to a fraction of the time. Our favorite stories include commuters who now have 35 minute rides instead of an hour, all without sweating through work clothing!